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New Visual Studio user

Feb 25, 2012 at 5:43 PM

I wonder if you (the author) or anyone else could write a couple of bullet points aimed at new users to get a minimal RestCake project running in Visual Studio.

I have read through the documentation but the following is still unclear to me;

1. A minimal project in VS

What type of project do I select in VS as a base for a  minimal REST service without WCF ? Is a blank web site/project enough or perhaps a web-service project or does it still need to be a WCF project, then delete some stuff afterwards

2. RestCake files to be included?

In visual studio, exactly which of the RESTCake files do I include and in which directory of the project? Do I need to maintain the same structure? what is the significance of the 'merged' directory? (does this mean merged with WCF?). Do I actually need to copy/paste the files or can I reference the RestCake library 'directory' outside of my project, I couldn't see this option when r-clicking the project. Only an option to link to individual .dll files.

3. Other dependencies

Do I need to download and includ (or other libraries) as a prerequisite? or does RESTCake include it?


I examined the sample files but it didn't help me choosing the right type of projet when setting up my own

Many Thanks.