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is there a new version coming???

Apr 4, 2012 at 2:17 PM there a new version coming??? looks good and we MIGHT want to try it...

...but the release date is looking a bit stale right now, almost a year old...

...(remember "tech years" are about like "dog years", 1:7)....


Apr 5, 2012 at 8:12 PM

There is definitely a new version coming.  I work on the library at least a little bit once a week.  I still work at CB Richard Ellis, and we use this library for all of our internal services for the intranet applications we develop.  I just don't have a TON of extra time to update the documentation, or package everything up for a new release here on CodePlex.  A few people have been asking though, so I will try to get something together soon.

I really would like to spend some time refactoring and reorganizing parts of the code.  Requests can come in a bunch of different ways, and the parameters for those requests can be just as varied.  If you think about the params of your service method, they can be sent as URI segments, query string params, cookie values, request header values, they can be quoted, unquoted, json, plain, in query string form, etc.  I think my next big thing will be separating and organizing the code and libraries that extracts the params from the incoming request.

I'm on a committee at Microsoft (was invited by Glenn Block) where they are developing the future of the "WCF Story", and how WCF, MVC and ASP.NET relate, especially in regards to REST/HTTP services.  At one point I considered stopping development of this library, since Microsoft is making some very cool improvements to http services in ASP.NET.  But I met with Glenn Block up here in Seattle a few months ago, and talked about how RestCake is a pretty cool one trick pony.  It's light, fast, and simple, and it's a minimal amount of work on top of HttpHandler, which just uses ProcessRequest( ). So even Glenn agreed, when you just need one trick pony, the best thing is NOT a huge generic solution that accommodates every scenario (which is what MS provides), but indeed, a one trick pony.  So I'll be developing this for a while yet =).

Anyway, that was the long answer.  The short answer is yes, a new version is coming, and this is still under active development.  Stay tuned!